May 29, 2014

a few last disney days...

We made a little trip to Disney World over the weekend... {well, it wasn't really that little, it was more of a last hurrah on our year-long passes!} I hardly slept for three days before we left, because, yes, I am known to act like a five year old, especially when it comes to Disney and Christmas!

The plan was to work a half day Thursday and leave as soon as Camden got out of school... but when my boss said I didn't have to come in at all on Thursday, we made Cam leave school early.  I am still not sure if he was really on board with that, but it was great to be arriving about the same time we would have been leaving our house!

Believe it or not, after a year of Disney, there were still plenty of things we hadn't yet done.  Like DisneyQuest, playing the Fantasia mini-golf course... and eating at the Irish Pub in Downtown Disney. That meal was definitely a favorite... delicious gluten-free fish & chips for my husband!  {I actually liked his better!}

Friday was the 24 Hour event at Magic Kingdom.... we may not have spent ALL 24 hours, but we were there when it opened at 6am, and made it through until 3:30am {with an afternoon swim/nap break.}  It was a day when dressing up was encouraged, and so... we did.

Thinking about/creating the costumes was certainly a factor in my sleepless nights!  But it was great fun... and I knew that if we didn't dress up, we would regret it!

We split the rest of our weekend between Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios...

We have loved our year of Disney... letting the kid in each of us shine on through.  I don't know how long we'll be able to resist going back, but until then, we'll carry the magic in our hearts.

p.s...I can't promise I won't share a little bit more... I do have a few more fun pictures!


Southern Gal said...

More pictures, please! An event from 6 am to 3am?! You guys are good. I love the creative outfits. You make me wanna go to Disney!

Ida said...

Totally fun! I'd love being there too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

IT makes my heart smile reading your words and seeing your photos; I know how much this means to you.
I've never heard of the 'dressing up' fun is that? Wait...just what does Dopey wear? Would it look good on me?? HA HA.
What a great last hurrah for the four of you!!!!
Loved seeing all four of you smiling from ear to ear.

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