May 06, 2014

pancakes, please...

Spring break was spent filling out his Eagle Scout project proposal.  It was a lot of work, many revisions. We cheered right along with him when it was approved so quickly- the work he put in up front had paid off. This weekend, we walked beside him as he took another step... a pancake breakfast fundraiser.

Cam followed all of the steps to get the breakfast approved, made lists of what we needed, and even went out and asked for donations.  He persevered, and finally someone told him yes, and handed him a $30 gift card... and my sister earned a great big hug for getting a donation from someone she knows.  We did our last shopping Thursday night, and coached him through his final plan for Saturday morning.

When Saturday morning came, I could tell he was finally nervous.  After taking a moment to pray, and take a deep breath, he looked a little more confident.  And when he stood up in front of all of his volunteers and started directing, he amazed me.

Pancakes were flipped and enjoyed by family, friends, and scouts from all over the county. Camden shook hands, thanked people for coming, and took time to talk to people about his upcoming project.  He offered more juice, bussed a few plates, and directed his volunteers all at once.  And when it was done, and his scout-mates finally sat down to eat their pancakes, he started the cycle all over again. All on his own, he made sure he was the last to eat.

I knew he would be great... even, amazing.  But to see it play out before my eyes was all-together different. All of the hopes and the maybes were in the past... and the reality of who he is, the man he is growing to be, is as plain as day.  It was a sweet thing that his Aunt Pam wrote in a card to him... from the first time I met you, I knew you were destined for greatness.  It touched my heart... and I know it touched his.  Probably gave him a little extra confidence to go on.  I am so thankful that I get to be his mother...

Soon he'll start making progress on his actual project... and we are beyond excited to see how it all plays out!


Southern Gal said...

This made me teary, from the photos to the words. What an amazing young man you have raised! I know you give God the glory for all Cam has accomplished in his life and that makes it even better. Hugs.

Richella Parham said...

I love, love, love this post. I know you are so proud of him. You have reared a fine son!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It was a great event and he did a fabulous job!!!
He is on his way to greatness; and I love being able to witness it!

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