August 16, 2014

friday letters: the saturday edition

Dear Calendar,
August is half spent... and I have been dragging along, trying to catch up, and holding onto summer with all that I have. If only we could hold the turning of the pages.  I have been trying to document your days, and have fallen short of sharing them. That one time I said I'd be back on Sunday?  It slipped on by, along with the next one...

Dear Photo Challenge,
I gave up on your list, but have been conscious of the moments... taking at least one picture a day.

handwriting, white, family, smile, hat, shadow, purple, on the road

sunset, hearts, habit, where i stand, silly, collection, dessert, circle

Dear Cowboys, 
You gave us quite a show.  We thought we weren't going to make it this year, but when my forever friend asked, we had to say yes. They were amazed from start to finish, and it was so much fun to be there with them seeing it for the first time!

Dear Eric,
Twenty-two years. I had no idea of what that meant then.  I had no idea what we would walk through, and while we were in those valleys, I had no idea of how we'd come through- only that we would. I am so thankful that God has our marriage, our life, in His mighty hands. He has given us such beauty. I couldn't imagine this love, this laughter... it is so much more than I could.  I love you. I love to laugh with you. And I love to navigate this life with you. The next adventure is right around the bend, and as long as you are holding my hand, I know it will be amazing...

i love the joy and the confetti in this picture!



Richella Parham said...

I just love that photo of you and Eric on your wedding day. You look so happy, so full of anticipation, and just plain joyful.

Aren't we blessed that we found good men when we were so young??

Your summer has been a blessed one. And now--a new school year? SENIOR year?!? It's hard to believe, isn't it?

Southern Gal said...

That wedding photo is such a perfect capture of life just beginning, Dawn. You look like your feet aren't on the ground!

I've missed you.
It was fun to glimpse into your August life. Share again soon if you can?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Time certainly gets away from us. Love seeing your little captures of your BIG life.
Love that photo of you and Eric!!!

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