August 22, 2014

friday letters...

Dear First Week of School,
I am exhausted. You have kicked my butt. Again. And I am not the one going to classes and doing the homework, along with practices and college applications... I am only trying to keep up with the one who is! Two afternoons I have walked into his room and found him asleep in the middle of homework. My heart aches for him... but he is tough, and by next week maybe he'll be in the swing of things!  {Me, too!}

Dear Laura,
I don't know how you are doing it- eight hours in this awful heat, four days a week, and then an extra day to volunteer- but you are... and I can tell you are enjoying it.  That makes me happy. And then when you shared how people have been talking about you at the zoo?  It gives my soul peace, and fills me with joy. Keep on working hard, for the sake of doing the job right... it will pay off. And be thankful to work in a place where you are appreciated and your hard work is getting noticed. I think it is rare to be appreciated, and perhaps more rare for someone to pass on that they are noticing.

Dear Marching Pride,
Tonight. I am so excited. This is season 7 of 7 for our family, and when you lance into the stadium tonight, in full uniform and ready to perform, joy will fill my heart, and might even overflow with a few tears. I may have a thing for a certain bass drummer, but as a whole I love you. I love your dedication and your precision... your joy and your hard work.  The next couple months of Friday nights are going to be amazing!



Southern Gal said...

You took another picture and it's great! Yay for Laura! Her hard work and dedication are paying off. I'm so happy for her. I wish I could sit in that stadium and just watch you as you watch that bass drummer. I'll be thinking about you on Friday nights. Hugs!

Ida said...

Sometimes it is hard to get "back into the swing" of things but it sounds like everyone is giving it a good try. Enjoy those Friday nights.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It's so hard (and exhausting) getting back into the swing of school; Cam will get through it. Hopefully you will too!!!
I'm so happy for Laura; she is in a good place-where she can learn and grow!

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