August 21, 2014

taking the scenic route

We skipped church this Sunday.
When your teenage son passes on dessert because he is just too tired to eat, you know he just needs a morning to sleep in... especially when school and the 5:30am wake up call are lurking in plain sight. And Laura?  She has been working at the zoo on Sundays.  She wishes she wasn't, but right now this is reality. I have been driving her, and then backtracking to church.  But today... I took the scenic route.

Two miles spent in the midst of His glorious creation. I can't help but worship... and again, I didn't bother with the music. The chirping birds, the buzz of the insects, the low croak of a gator... they are music enough. Though I walked alone, I figure there must have been at least one more along the path, doing just the same...

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, 

there am I in the midst of them. 
Matthew 18:20

I am so thankful... for the motivation and the strength. For the beauty of the wild, and the people who though to put a boardwalk through it. For the whisper of the wind, and feeling the presence of God around me.


Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful way to spend your time. In nature with the creator. Love it!

Ida said...

Such a beautiful area to worship in. What are those bright pink berries, they are lovely.

Mindy said...

Beautiful pictures of God's creation - how can we not praise Him in the midst of it?! (PS: I followed the steps to correct the no reply blogger issue so I hope it works - thanks for your tips)

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