September 25, 2014

homecoming week... the last

Lately, the lasts have been piling up.
I have cheered over some {last curriculum night!!!}, but reality is really sinking in.  In the meantime, I have been loving this homecoming week. Cam seems to be embracing his senior year, and it brings me joy {especially since last year.} He is even going to the dance this year.... and he shocked me by saying I asked someone to go.
themed days: cartoon, pirate, revenge of the nerds & zombie apocalypse
I look at his face, and see how he has grown.
In all I imagined motherhood to be, I never considered the way my heart would ache over their growing and their becoming. That I could feel amazingly proud and just a little sad, all at once. The lasts have always been hard for me... starting way back in preschool when he waved me off without a second glance.  But beyond every last is a promise of a new first... a bright adventure.


Southern Gal said...

Ah, so much in one year. Cam looks like he's very involved for his senior year. And now you experience all these lasts...but you get to experience the firsts again soon!

(It's been a year since the Grandmother shower?!)

Mindy said...

Those lasts are so emotional but the new firsts are amazing. Praying God brings you joy and peace as you experience each day to the fullest.

Ida said...

Time flies so quickly. How exciting for him though.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your attitude!!! SO glad he is enjoy this last year before the next big first!

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