September 29, 2014

the traveler {part 2}

Technology let me follow them there... and, though it was more glitchy, back. When I saw that they had finally landed back in Miami, I could half-way breathe. {The news and happenings in the air while they were away did not make for calm.}  But I knew, in order to fully breathe, I needed to see his face.  I count myself thankful for a husband who loves me through my crazy... my eyes could not be distracted from the road beyond the living room window.  Though he convinced me to play a round of rummy, I only concentrated enough to trounce he & Laura so I could go back to watching for the car.  Three plus hours later, excitement took over all anxiety when I saw their car cross the bridge, headed home.  I danced {and jumped and waved} on the sidewalk as they made their way down the street and into the drive.

They were weary, but smiling. And before we headed to our own home, we heard a collection of stories, and how amazing our son was. Yes, we know... but isn't it nice to hear from someone else? And home again, willing his eyes awake, he un-buried the treasures he had carefully packed away. A hat and a carved rhino for dad, a cheetah for his sister, and for me... the bumper sticker I had asked him to look for, along with beads from Shanga. He is a good boy.  The best.

Several people have asked him for the best part of this trip, and he simply cannot answer.  There was no best part, it was all amazing. His face lights up when he talks about bartering with locals for necklaces.  These salesmen are relentless, and they are serious about their necklaces.  The price starts at $10, but if you are really persistent like Grampa, you might be able to get 10 for $10.

note who is in control of the money...

and he said his favorite meal was the bush breakfast, eaten out on safari.  I don't know if it was the best food, but he loved the experience.

There was grand excitement over seeing three rhinos quite close to their vehicle, and also... for the opportunity to go back to Shanga. He assured me that it was just as beautiful, and shared all the new things they are doing there.

Africa through his eyes?
at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

feeding the giraffes

the plane that took them to the maasai mara

on safari

He uploaded the photos to his computer, and I can tell, he is proud of them.  I was delighted to sit and have him share the stories with the photos... see the light in his eyes, hear the wonder and joy in his words.  Four years in a teenage life is almost endless... in that time he, and his view of the world, has grown.  I am so thankful that his journeys to Africa have helped to shape that view.


Southern Gal said...

This makes my heart so happy, Dawn! That photo of the lion is absolutely stunning. He needs that one enlarged and on his wall! (Mpix has a special right now, too!) Hearing the good about our kids? We know it, but hearing from someone else is so encouraging. He's a product of loving parents and an amazing Father. Hugs.

Busy Bee Suz said...

His photos gave me goosebumps. I'm thrilled that he was able to experience this TWICE. The car tag is awesome sauce!!!!! Go Cam!

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