January 03, 2015

a good day...

The sun whispered its goodnight hours ago, but I can feel the warm pink remnants of it on my skin. It reminds me that today was a good day. A good day for a lazy paddle under a blue, blue sky, with some of the very best people.

Out and back, and it is always good, even if the wind laughs at our effort and makes us work for the fun. Gators laze in the sun, mullet jump in front of us. One, two, three...and four! Better than skipping rocks. A glimpse of pink up ahead changes our right-then-left course. It is a rare and special treat to see a roseate spoonbill and no one wanted to miss the chance.

Cam drags his kayak over the weir, and explores the mangrove stream while we wait for his report. Plenty of head room, no spiders. Maybe next time we'll join him. I capture him in a state of pure relaxation and count my blessings that he has this time to rest. College applications finished, two and a half weeks of Christmas break, and a day without a list of must-dos. He needs this, probably more than I know.

A green heron flies silent up ahead, lights in the grass, takes off again once we near.  A mullet splashes again off to our right, and with a few more strokes of the paddle, we make our way to the dock. Happy. Filled. Content. And unbeknownst to us, just a little bit sunburnt.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this....so pretty, so peaceful and much needed for your family! I would've squealed to see the pinky so close! Glad Cam had some downtime, now its back to work!

Southern Gal said...

A restful day with great company. Who could ask for more?

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