January 12, 2015

after the weekend...

It was so strange to see him dressed in a t-shirt and shorts this morning as he headed off to school. After a weekend of being bundled up, my brain is still cold, even though we arrived home last night and dove right back in to warm  and muggy.   Our trip to South Carolina was a beautiful escape, and we acted like tourists every time we spotted ice.

More on the weekend later... and for now?
My list of gifts:

-early RSVPs
-watching the moon rise
-sending Eric off to school and joking about a first day of school picture (he did not let me!)
-cooking a delicious dinner for the 2nd night in a row
-a shrimp story
-It is a really good class
-a frustration turning out a-ok
-back on track with boot camp and feeling energized
-working next to my Mom
-making zoo plans
-pulling out of the driveway, just him and me
-a peppermint shake, when i thought i had missed out
-the view: an ocean of clouds
-remembering the first time i saw this side of a cloud
-still being amazed

-sunset through the window and the silhouette of mountains
-laughing over new-fangled "keys"
-finding our way
-a burrito-calzone
-texting a friend at just the right time, and knowing it was so, because she replied PRAY
-a goodnight call from eric
-plenty of chances to wear my ann-gloves
-reviving our preschool game of "rainbow cars"
-meeting southern gal & ethan
-feeding the giraffes

-choosing the perfect carousel ride, and having the attendant pass along a thank you from the anteater, who never gets ridden
-a group photo
-boys who want icees in the cold
-country roads
-red & gold balloons
-an opportunity...and being dressed for success
-a text from laura to her brother

-a frozen fountain
-his maybe
-home sweet home.


Gabe said...

Love..."his maybe"! Right there with you!

Southern Gal said...

My list is still unfinished, but I had to come over when I saw your update. I'm glad you are listing the gifts. You are a gift on my list this week, too. Hugs. (I have the best giraffe feeding photo...)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my....this list is heart filled!!! That text from Sister to Brother....hello? TEARS!!! That just made my day.
Love you!

Mindy said...

I love your list - especially the texting a friend at just the moment she needed you and the peppermint shake - yum : ) Happy New Year!

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