February 16, 2015

some weekend smiles...

Our weekend weather was beyond gorgeous.
Blue skies... really crisp air. My favorite.

I was happy for us, but couldn't help cringing over the weather up north.  My friends are over the snow, and I giggled at one of the titles of the albums posted on Facebook: Pictures that anyone not living here might enjoy.  She typed it in ALL CAPS, and I could hear her frustration across the miles. Yes, I think they have had enough.
kim, i hope you don't mind that i borrowed this!!
While my up north friends were busy being snowed in, some of my local friends were being crazy-brave and rappelling down an 18 story hotel for a fundraiser.  Really.  I was standing there at the bottom, to take pictures, to catch her if she fell!  {I had already volunteered to be on call at 5am if she needed a get-away car!}  And when she arrived at the base, she was smiling and said I want to go again! Sometimes {most times?} stepping out of our comfort zone is the right thing to do.  I was so proud of her, and her husband was beaming.  I love when you can see true love!
look, macie kate! gramma lolly & grampa wally are just fine!
I could not stay in on such a beautiful day, so I called my Mom and we went for a walk.  I took my sweatshirt off, and put it back on. Just when I would decide I was too warm, along came a cool breeze that had me zipping up again. We walked the path, and along the water.  With the beautiful weather we were surprised not to see any wildlife... just some evidence!

And then, yesterday, I finally got my hands on my photos from last weekend!  I am so thankful I thought to hire a high school student to snap some shots. I would never have captured every moment! I'll share the whole day soon, but for now, here is a preview of the JOY!

I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love and adventure... and maybe chocolate!
This year Eric gave me an orange... and I love it so much, not just for what it is, but the thought behind it!



Southern Gal said...

That last photo? You all are just beaming. Proud parents and deserving son.

Macie Kate's gramma is brave!

Unknown said...

I found out those are lynx or bobcat tracks

Ida said...

Can't imagine all that snow.
Very nice post & congrats to your son.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love this sweet update....aside from the up north peeps who are OVER the SNOW!!! I was thinking bobcat when I saw the track mark; so cool!!!

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