April 10, 2015

friday letters...

Dear Friends,
Here we go... another week gone by. How does this keep happening?! I can't bear to look at the calendar and count, but I know that there aren't too many Friday's between now and Camden's graduation. Now that I've said that, I want to look... but I don't. This is it. Less than two months left of high school. I am excited and ready to be done... but what it really means is that the next countdown will the weeks of summer... until he leaves for college {where ever that may be!}
Dear Weekend Weather,
I don't mean to be bossy, but you need to shape up!
There are hot balloons to be seen and I have a feeling they don't care for rain. Or thunderstorms. Here I go, into weather-denial {it is one of my gifts}... I am confident they will still be inflated, even if they don't fly.
Dear Eric,
You are such a good Dad. Thank you for offering to drive our girl to this concert tonight... I know how much she wants to go. She is sweet enough to feel bad that you are going to drive all that way just to drop her off and then turn around and come home. I love how we can balance each other out in this life of parenting... when I am grumbling, you are the nice one. And when you are fed up, somehow I can move in and smooth things over. And yet we are still {almost always} on the same page. I am so thankful that God matched us up for this journey.

Friends, I hope you have a wonderful {non-stormy} weekend!


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Southern Gal said...

Oh No! I'll be in weather denial with you. I know how much you love those balloons and helping with them. (I still have to show you my hot air balloon painting!) Praying the show will go on.

You speak truth. God has a way of matching us up with just the right mates to complement each other in this life. So happy for mine, too!

Count the days slowly. I know you're enjoying each and every moment.

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