April 06, 2015

happy easter...

He is risen, He is risen indeed!
I was busy in the kitchen when Eric and Laura got home from singing at the second church service.  It didn't take long for Camden to come in and nudge me.  What? He didn't answer with words, but nudged again, adding a head bob towards the living room. Oh… Yes. He had been waiting patiently to dig in to his Easter basket, and now that Dad and Laura were home, he was ready. I love how the promise of a few silly treats can make an eighteen year old act like he is six.
i love the excitement of that blurry-no-good-photo...
We had a full house for dinner… fifteen. I love to dress the table just-so, and this year I went for green and pink, which made me think preppy every time I turned around. Just after the prayer, I remembered to take a picture… and Bob yelled out no phones at the table! I laughed, snapped a few pictures, and set it aside. I count it as a blessing that it was the only phone by the table, even with the crew of kids.

The day cooled, the sun dipped down, and I didn't want the beautiful day to ever end. I love to have my family together... and I love to see my kids enjoy it just as much. Laura chatted away between the groups of kids and adults, and Camden was himself... more carefree than I have seen him in a handful of weeks. 

I hope your Easter was beautiful... filled with love and hope. 

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Southern Gal said...

It turned out so pretty. And no one even mentioned the "thing" did they? Such a happy time with family around the table. I'm glad you were able to host and get some photos.

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