April 02, 2015

what i learned in march...

I'm not sure how it is possibly April... the weeks and months keep slipping away.  But here we are, and March is a memory. Here is what I learned in March...

1. they do change the bulbs!
Cam always laughs about big stores whose light-up signs are displaying a different message just because a few bulbs have burned out. We had been watching the grocery store for over a month, and then one day, we happened to be there when they were fixing it! I was fascinated by what it looked like under those covers!

2. camping without electricity is possible
For years our camping requirement has always been that the campsite must have power and water. This month, we went out on a limb and  made a reservation for a campsite without both. Guess what? We loved it. Truly. In fact, we made a declaration that we might only ever camp there again. Before we got in the car to head home, we took a moment for a high-five!  We did it! It felt like an accomplishment, but you will not find me camping at a campground without decent bathrooms.

3. my camera has voice control
One morning my office mate came out to my desk with her phone and a lot of excitement. She then proceeded to show me that all she has to do was say cheese! and her camera would take a picture! I was fascinated and it didn't take me long to figure out how to make mine do it too.  I was so excited to show off my phone's new skill to my daughter... but it wouldn't cooperate!  We did, however, have a great time laughing and trying!

4. i can be brave. or brazen. 
I am a rule follower... especially when it comes to marching band. I don't want to overstep, or get my kid in trouble. But it is senior year, and I am all out of kids! As the band played at the opening of the county fair, I decided to step right up and take a few pictures of Cam playing. It was practically my last chance!
5. you can bring florida to chicago, but it will still snow
I seem to forget that it would be nice to bring a hostess gift when you are going to visit for a few days, and then, at the last minute I remember. As we wandered around in the airport on the way to our gate, I picked up a mini palm tree, some gummy gators and... a key lime pie all packed for travel! It was fun to carry Florida to Chicago! But you can't fool a winter city...

6. there are things i will do once, enjoy, and probably not do again.
On the airplane we splurged and watched a movie {The Good Lie.} It was... fantastic, but maybe not the right movie to watch on an airplane. If I had been in the dark theater, or at home in my living room, I would have sobbed.  On the plane I just had to cover my face and hold the tears back, try not to make a scene.  While we were away I went crazy and ordered  marscapone/pine nut pancakes. They were rich and delicious and sprinkled with lavender.  I did like them, but next time I'll probably order plain Jane.
7. iowa is all fields and farms and silos and trains
If you are playing travel bingo and you need a silo to win, take a drive through Iowa. Our college trip from Chicago to Iowa was chock full of fields and silos!  I really had no idea. Years ago my dear friend Erin said that if I ever came to Iowa, we'd go on a farm safari... and now I know why. I hated not to see her on this trip, but it would have been another five hours. Maybe we'll go back sooner than later? {I really have NO idea} But if we do?  I am bringing ear-plugs because about 85 trains woke me up in the night...

I've been wanting to take part in Emily's "what I learned series" for a while... but I feel like sometimes we are half-way through the new month before I remember! I'm hoping to learn a little in April, too!

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Southern Gal said...

Ooh, love reading these lists. Primitive camping! It's what we always do. Nothing like it.

Ethan told us about that feature on the phone when we got ours. I haven't tried it out, but he did with the word "snap". ;)

Yay for being brave. We rule followers have to support each other when we step out and hyperventilate!

One day I'll drive through the Midwest and see the farm safaris and the prairies. Hopefully...

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