July 01, 2015

life lately...

Life lately has been... just happening, maybe almost without me. The kind of days that just blur on without much intentional living. That is not my kind of living... but being sick will drag you down, and it takes some time to jump back in. I am making progress...

1. we had to go over to ft. lauderdale for a drs. appt, and although ikea was not on our list, we were right.there. we dragged ourselves through, and only bought a cinnamon roll... 

2. the ride across the state is always beautiful... i love the river of grass...

3. a few quiet moments between my weekend and his work weekend... at our little favorite spot.

4. suz says i am too young to have one of those pill dispensers, so i am using this basket... she wholeheartedly approves. 

5. my father's day ice cream masterpiece. it was so easy... and pretty... and gluten-free!

6. one day last week my niece showed up at my office yelling "emergency, emergency" all down the hall to the bathroom. it was too cute! cam & oakley strolled in a minute later to fetch her, and i decided to take them to lunch. we sent this picture to my sister... auntie's treat for lunch today!i think it made her day.

7. eric finally got his avocado plant planted... i love the way the sun was shining on the the green leaves of that and the basil plant (from the grocery store.) 

8. my boys are away... so i threw a party, favorite things style. it was a beautiful afternoon!

9. last night? tacos at the beach. with my sister. much needed. how is that for intentional living?!



Southern Gal said...

Suz is right. I guessed that was your meds basket. Pretty.

That spread! Wish I was closer. ;)

Ikea? I have never been there. Rebekah and I are planning a trip sometime soon.

Pam said...

Girl, get thee a pill holder. I have three. I hide it in the kitchen drawer tho. No waving it around. So much easier to only think about the what and when once a week instead of three times a day. Now that I have that off my chest...IKEA! I love that store. We went a few weeks ago. And bought a few tiny odds and ends. It's such a fun store. I want to walk through it when it's closed. I could enjoy all those little room/house set-ups. : ) I'm so sorry you've been sick. That stinks!!! Wishing I lived closer so I could visit with you and Suz. It would make my day! Hugs and love, sweet girl! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Intentional living. I love that. I'm gonna use that in my daily mantra. Way better than "keep moving Suz! "
That favorite things party was my favorite thing last week!! That cake??? OMG.
So, what was the emergency?? Did someone need to use the potty? Been there. Done that.

Mindy said...

Late night tacos on the beach? Ice cream treat? That is a way to celebrate life! Welcome back even though I am (mostly) away : )

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