August 19, 2015

after his diploma... the party!

I had the theme of Cam's graduation party all set... I had been dreaming it up since the last graduation party we threw: LEGOs... Building on a Future.  He was excited about it until the first week in May, when he asked can we just not have a theme? 

Ahem. Really? 

Auntie Tina was just as stunned, and we set to work trying to come up with a no-theme-theme. We decided on school colors and a couple of sayings that fit Camden's adventurous soul...

We did not go hungry! Pulled pork, corn on the cob, a mashed potato bar, make-your-own sundaes & red velvet cupcakes!

We loved turning the house into party central... but what is a party without people?  We sure didn't have to find out! On the invitation I had set the hours as 3-8, thinking people would come and go and we'd have time to sit and enjoy our out of town family, too. Well, the first person showed up at 2:30, and the last family left just after 9pm. Cam had friends and teachers come- which thrilled me! And we had all of our family, even from Texas and Virginia... as well as countless friends, who we consider to be our family. 

It was a beautiful, beautiful day... 
we were so thankful for the love shown to our family by celebrating our son!



Southern Gal said...

What I've been waiting for! No theme?! You and Tina did a fabulous job with no theme. (I'm glad the Lego scene made the final cut, though.) The food sounds yummy. And look at all the family and friends! Cam's a popular guy and for good reason. Praying while you pack him up and move him to college. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs, sweet friend!

Ida said...

Congrats to the new graduate. - You did a great job with the party.

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