August 14, 2015

friday letters...

Dear Friends,
It has been too long since I indulged in some Friday letters! Life has actually been happening even though I haven't been writing, which blows Suz' theory: it didn't really happen if it isn't on the blog. We have been busy keeping up with everyday life and getting ready for Cam to head off to college.

Dear Iowa Road Trip,
One week from today we'll be packing up the car. I hope we will be ready. And... I hope you don't mind that we are kind of flying by the set of our pants. EEK! I love to plan a trip, but this time... I feel like we are diving into the unknown. We have a {loose} plan, but will it play out? I don't know!!!! Can we make it out of Florida & Georgia in one day?! And even more than that, I'm not even sure if we have room for all of Cam's stuff. Or that the car-top-carrier will even work, despite a vague run-through in the driveway. The roof racks on the old car are the only thing I am missing since we had to trade it in for new...

Dear Eric,
Oh how I LOVED surprising you for your birthday!!!!  Not only did I manage to buy you the perfect gift, but we pulled off Christmas-in-July in the dining room! I will never forget you walking in {well before you were supposed to} and seeing that the cake was not ice cream... then taking in the rest of the table... and then the ceramic Christmas tree.  The laughter that rolled out of you made me so very happy!
some people would be horrified to have a christmas/birthday celebration, {um, me!!!} but eric loved it!

Dear Raglan Road,
I am so glad we found you. 
What a joy it is to be able to stop in {albeit 3 hours from home} and order up some fish & chips all around the table. Thank you for perfecting that gluten-free fry batter! Anytime we are up at Disney, we make a point to stop in, watch some Irish dancing, have a drink, and just enjoy the fun atmosphere! We loved sharing it with our Boston friends last month, and even came away with a new favorite beverage... the Graprefruit & T. Fantastic.  See you in September!

Dear Us,
Tomorrow we celebrate 23 years. Twenty-three. There is a lot of life in those years, twists & turns, better and worse.  I am thankful for every day. I am looking forward to our next chapter with joy and anticipation, knowing that as long as we are laughing, hand in hand, everything will be a-okay.


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Southern Gal said...

I don't know where I've been, but I'm so glad to read Friday's Letters here again! Jimmy Buffet vinyl? I love how you love your hubby and planned a party he would love. Happy Anniversary to you two!

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