March 16, 2016

life lately... catching up

Hello there...
I am still here... but it seems that I have had these big happenings that stop me in my tracks. The anticipation, the enjoyment of the event, and then the recovery. I need to be better at scheduling my time so that I make the most of it all. Story of our lives, right? But here, in the every day, life has been happening.
1. I love early mornings when he says let's go to the farmer's market.
These apple roses were as delicious as they are beautiful!

2. This project has been going on for years... but I am finished at last.
I love watching my friend's children grow almost as much as I love to watch my own!

3. A little beach walk is never a bad idea.

4. And a walk on the boardwalk? The same. And it turns out the beach
is not the only place he can find heart shaped rocks.

5. Yes, we are taking one more group to the National LCMS Youth Gathering.
I told Eric I am retiring after this one.

6. Mardi Gras = King Cake

7. We tried something new this year... the Greek Festival!

8. We took a detour off the highway and found... strawberries.

9. Our Valentine treat was seeing Rend Collective in concert.
They are so much fun and it was nice to have the day away from the world.
1. Date night in the police car! It was my first time ever sitting in it!
Our destination was an awards dinner that the Sheriff was hosting.

2. The breakfast of road-trippers! Empanadas from the Farmers Market.

3. The destination of the road trip... meeting up with a dear friend and
watching her daughter ride her way to a blue ribbon. Last time we saw her ride she
was wearing braids & bows, but now she is all grown up!

4. A beautiful way to start any morning.

5. We had to take Camden's friends to see the Swamp Buggy Races.
Can't see them anywhere else!

6. We had to skip the championship game because of our 3am surgery wake-up call,
but we watched it on TV and cheered FGCU on to their win.

7. Cam & One-Eyed-Ida. 

8. Flowers sent from my office after {yet another} surgery.
I am fine, all is well... just another chapter in the series.

9. Honeycomb granny squares, crocheted with prayer.

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Ida said...

Enjoyed these little snippets from your day to day life. - I'm curious is One Eye Ida an Alligator? By the way my name is Ida so I just had to ask.

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