August 11, 2016

life lately...the rest of may

I haven't quite decided if I want to look back, or move forward... but I had fun scrolling through the May memories...

1. Camden had to fly back to Iowa through Orlando, which was the perfect excuse to
spend the day at SeaWorld. The shark tunnel was empty, which never happens,
so I made them back up for a picture!

2. Instead of dinner at SeaWorld, we met up with Cam's friend Jason...
because what college kid couldn't benefit from a free meal?!

3. After the airport we zipped into Disney Springs! Aristocrepes was not open...

4. but the Sprinkles ATM was! Red Velvet.

5. Wine club night a Cooper's Hawk! Wine is good, but friends are even better.

6. This cat! This is her new favorite way to lounge...

7. Memorial Day service of American Friendship is one of my favorites...
maybe because of the flags!

8. And we topped it off with a beach sunset.

9. Planning, planning...for the NYG in July.
Once this chart is finalized I might be able to breathe!


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Southern Gal said...

You won't regret looking back and posting those memories. I like seeing them!

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