March 13, 2009

my chai

She warned me it would happen... and she was right. I am addicted to Chai tea. Carie started me drinking it, and now I cannot stop. And just this week, I learned that I really like it cold, as well as hot! Today, on our day off together, my hubby took me to Panera... and eyeing my tea, he asked me what it tasted like. Like coffee? No... but before I could tell him about the spicy flavors mixed with honey and vanilla, he was sipping from my straw. He looked me straight in the eye and said You are drinking potpourri. I smiled and he started with the gagging sounds... then he gulped his Pepsi(yes, Jenn, PEPSI!) and swished it around in his mouth... to get the potpourri flavor out from between his teeth? The expressions on his face made me laugh out loud... and I am assured that he will never sip my chai tea again!


K said...

I am a fellow chair addict.

It's been my drink of choice for years.

(My husband also hates it.)

Eric said...

Just so we are was not PEPSI but Iced Tea.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Only Eric could come up with that...and why does he know what potpouri tastes like anyway?????

Cassie said...

I love chai too. I remember when my daughter told me about chai tea. I told her that chai is tea (that is the word for tea in Russian) and she informed me that it was a flavor of tea. Well, I still can't bring myself to say chai tea cuz it's like saying tea tea to me! I guess Guys aren't as into exotic flavored drinks as we are. Pat drinks plain, unsweetened green tea. Bo-ring.

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