March 18, 2009

tied up in a ribbon

Until I received a Happy Birthday e-mail, I had forgotten... in the weeks (months?) between my birthday and the note, I had thought of it just a few times.... and then it completely left my mind. Until my Mom said Let's go for that birthday walk. Sickness had postponed our celebration, but so often, you find that things happen for a bigger reason.

We met at the beach... just as the sun was beginning its ascent into the day... and the world was starting to come alive. Coming together for our hug, I saw a gift in her hands... and it surprised me. It wasn't as if my birthday didn't happen way back in December... we just didn't get that walk in. I thought maybe she just wanted to be silly and give me a little gift... to make our walk more birthday-ish.

As I untied the ribbon... and began to tear off the brightly colored paper, I could tell it was a book... and I kept tearing. And then I was caught totally by surprise. I could see the look of anticipation waiting in her eyes... yes... she had done her job... she had given a gift that touched my heart and sent tears streaming down my face.

It was no ordinary book... not one that could be purchased at any store... not written by a famous author. It was just me... my heart... tied up in a ribbon.

My Mom has been saving my blog posts to her computer, just in case, I suppose. Just in case the internet disappeared... just in case I decided I was done writing... just in case she wanted me to write a book. I can see her, painstakingly printing out page after page... and creating a binding she knew would hold... just for me. She took my heart and my words and created a beautiful book... just for me.
As I looked at my book, I wondered Did I really write all of that? I must have spoken out loud... because Mom answered with a yes. There were certainly days I thought I might be done... that there was nothing driving me to write... or to feel inspired by. But I was wrong. Ask and you will receive... seek and you shall find. Even in this silly hobby, God continues to give me a gift of words. He provides a window to my soul... so that I might grow... just a little more. And I am so thankful... because I know there is so much more to learn... about myself... and about Him.

I have enjoyed poking through my book... reliving moments from the past year. Remembering the tough days, and realizing how far I have come. Celebrating the days that were full of heartfelt joy... and recalling lessons I learned along the way. And as I wander through... I can still feel the process of my heart... the heart that seeks... the heart that is so thankful for all of these moments that are... beyond grace.


K said...

That's a beautiful gift.

It's amazing you've written enough to fill a book.

Shelley said...

What a truly precious gift!! Your mom is very thoughtful!!

xoxox said...

you even brought a mist to Kelly's eyes this morning... and of course the usual tears from mine. Your blog means so much to my day. I even play a little anticipation game. I don't scroll down until the little loading bar is completely done, just in case you didn't post that day. I don't want to rush through my time with you each morning... and there go a few more tears, I will need a kleenex for these thoughts. I love you

Mary Lou said...

Aren't Moms great! I am so glad I got to spend 12 wonderful days with my Mom all to myself and in Florida. Your Mom sounds like a peach. Such blessings we have in our Moms!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such a perfect gift...only one that YOUR Mom would come up with. She is so ARE you.
I can't wait to see it in person.
Hugs, suz

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Wow-that was the coolest gift ever...Great job, mom!

Brenda Jean said...

I stopped by to welcome you to SITS. That is an AWESOME gift! Your mom must be a very special person to do that for you:)

Jen said...

What a splendid gift for you!
You are a great writer so you should have your entries permanently.
Happy Birthday by the way. :D

Rosemarie said...

Oh my gosh! How wonderful! I would have cried, too! I didn't even know you could do something like that.

Happy belated Birthday!!!!!!

Cassie said...

Your mom sounds like a sweetie pie. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Enjoy this wonderful gift.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was shocked when I saw your J photo. Because, I had just taken a picture of the same statues at our Calvary Chapel bookstore on the Sunday morning before your post! I really like that artist. Simple, yet profound.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

That is an awesome gift. What an amazing, thoughtful and sweet mother you have!

Wendi said...

I LOVE this post! This is one of the main reasons I finally started writing a blog...once I found out that I could actually publish it into a book...well, that totally made it worthwhile for me (or at least kept me from feeling too guilty about spending time on the computer). I get to share stories with my family and friends as they happen, but in the end, I also get to end up with a special little record of my life with E! I'm not sure when I'm going to publish mine (maybe at the end of each year?) or what company I'm going to use (maybe blurb?), but I can't wait to get it in my hands! Your mom must really know you...what a great gift!! I am so behind in my story writing right now! I just finished up all of my saved posts from February. I don't know where the time has gone, but I've pretty much lost March. It sounds like you've had a full plate, too! Some months are just like that I guess! I've enjoyed reading your recent stories and seeing your great pictures even though I haven't had time to comment (always think I will go back later, and later never seems to come...i know you know what i mean!) Today has been a good day for me...catching up on things and getting my lists in order...maybe April will be a slower month. Happy days! ~Hugs~

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