August 10, 2009

a little encouragement

I've been hearing a lot about a great new place...

So what encourages me?
Pure and simple... my faith. Without it, I have nothing... am nothing. It defines me... and my life... and what I teach my children. But while I have always had this faith... this belief in God and Jesus... I have not always lived it. There was a time when I thought days were to busy... my life too full, to possibly fit in time for church. And I didn't realize how much I actually needed a relationship with my Savior.
Until these little eyes showed me the way.

I often think of her small sweet voice sharing her wisdom... Jesus is the Light of the World... and teaching me what it meant.
She encourages me, too. Still.
With her heart... that God has filled with the spirit of giving.
With her hands... that God has guided to create.
With her love... that she can share because He lavishes it so.
It is all I have ever wanted for my children... for them to have a beautiful heart. I just didn't always know that in order to have that, it must be filled with faith. But now... I know.


Kat said...

This makes me think of the scripture:

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3 John 4


jenn said...

I am going to check out the new site--sounds nice!

I love to hear about my kids love for Jesus! It always warms my heart!

carie said...


Cassie said...

HIS grace IS amazing and how He uses others to encourage us in our walk is incredible.

These wonderful daughters that the Lord has given us! What blessings.

Richella said...

What a sweet, wonderful post.

For you to be able to write: "It is all I have ever wanted for my children. . . " and to mean that. What a blessing. What a wondrous, glorious blessing.

Praise God.

Holley Gerth said...

Dawn, thanks for much for sharing this! I love how our Heavenly Father drew you back to His heart through the eyes of a child.
Holley - (in)courage

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