August 09, 2009

making up time...

A beach day without sun... but also without rain. An overcast day, but a day, nonetheless.

And I could not resist yesterday... the bright sky and the golden sunshine. It called us to play... whooping down slides, climbing up and stepping off the high dive with trepidation... and simply leaning on the water gun... aimed directly at her brother.

I'm starting to feel like summer is slipping away. Feels like it is half past summer.... or maybe even a quarter til school- and we are just starting to have our fun. Well, just me. These kids of mine have had a fantastic summer, and I'm just trying to catch up with them. But these past couple of days... they have been full of joy. Full of playing... and not getting much crossed of of the to-do list. But I have never found that my housework doesn't wait for me... it is always there... and will be when I'm done playing.

Nothing is worth more than this day.


jenn said...

thank you Dawn, thank you! ;)

Mildred said...

Such wonderful memories to tuck away! Great pictures Dawn.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love that quote. So glad you are enjoying your kids and the 'tail end' of summer vacation.
So, that housework will wait for me? something I am also learning!!!

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