September 04, 2009

let there be light

It happens gradually... so much so that you hardly notice... until one day, you are standing in the dark. I let it last about four days... this standing in the dark... before I actually even began to seek light. But it was time... and after about five minutes of very simple labor, I was thrilled to flip the switch and let the light of those four bulbs do their job. My kitchen was once again filled with light!

I suppose I could make a list of excuses for not tackling this very simple, less than five minute job... the trouble of getting out the step ladder, actually having to walk all the way to the laundry room to find the light bulbs, wanting to wait to change them until it was really worth my while... or just waiting for someone else to do it for me. But I finally just gave in and pushed all of the reasons to the side... because I was tired of working in the dark. Of course... the darkness hides a lot. Once my room was awash with light, the crumbs, the dust... the ketchup splashed on the cabinets all showed their ugly faces. I knew they were there all along... but it was easy to ignore them when the light was dim. Holding things up in the light? It means no excuses. It means showing everything... good, or bad. It means showing... me.

I think I've been sitting in the dark for a while. Hiding from the world. Sitting still... and not reaching out. Letting my life mark time, instead of marching boldly ahead. Light has a funny way of showing off the good the bad and the ugly... but I am reminded that when I stand in the light of Jesus, the bad and the ugly are pushed to the shadows and then swept up under that glorious carpet of forgiveness. Easier than changing a light bulb or flipping a switch...


Ruby Red Slippers said...

What a beautiful way to put it-

Kay said...

So true.. in every way. I hate changing bulbs too.

But enjoy the Light that exposes me for who I am and forgives me anyway.

Kat said...

This is really beautiful, Dawn. And you are so right. Sometimes we are in the dark (physically or spiritually)...sometimes before we realize it.

I had to change light bulbs yesterday, too!

Oh, and I will pray for your friends in yesterday's post.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You just amaze me with your words my friend. You are so right on all of this, we are all guilty of hiding in the dark.

ps. Are those energy efficent bulbs? I think not. :)

Jen said...

Great Post Dawn!
and how many does it take to change that light bulb? Just One. ;)

Richella said...

A really excellent parable you've written here! Thank you for sharing it with us.

May your weekend be filled with the kind of growth that can only occur when you're exposed to the Light.


julie said...

thanks! i needed that!

jenn said...

yet again--wonderful! I love how your words always remind me to turn on the light!!

hoping you are having a great weekend!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Awesome! I love it!

Angie Vik said...

I found your blog over at Elizabeth Esther's blog. I like your blog's name and how it looks. Appreciated your post. God bless.

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