September 10, 2009

music and laughter

Those flying fingers make me smile. A lot. And the smile usually turns to laughter within a few beats of the metronome. Ms. Julie knows just what Camden needs... and ratcheting it up a notch is just the thing. That boy of mine certainly loves a challenge.
And I love piano lessons.
Wednesday afternoons just wouldn't be the same without them.
When Camden first started taking lessons, Ms. Julie invited me to sit in on the first few. I grew quite comfortable on her spare piano bench... and I told her that she should kick me out... but in three years, she never has. And either has Camden. Truthfully, I'm not sure I could stand to be sitting in the waiting room... listening to the laughter and wondering what could be so much fun on the other side of the wall. And so there I am, week after week, a part of that laughter: smirking at Kooka-burro (the stuffed donkey who is not a Democrat)as he sits atop the piano... arching my eyebrows at the twinkies (those little mistakes that are inevitable)... chatting about the new studio and marvelling at the fact that even when she is talking, she never misses a beat or a wrong note and encourages the correction... and watching their fingers fly together as they play as fast as they can without making a mistake, which is apparently a great way to learn.
I never leave that lesson without wanting to throw my arms around Ms. Julie and thank her... for the lesson, of course... but also for knowing my son and knowing just how to teach him.
As for the music... it is coming right along. He gets better and better each week... ready to learn something new or take a song to the next level. And never once... has he ever not wanted to go to his lesson.
I love piano lessons... the music, the laughter... and the love.


Cassie said...

Cool that Ms.J(& Amden) lets you sit in on the lessons. I took piano for 11 years (started at 5yrs old) and still wince when I think of the twinkies! If your son is like me, he will find solace in sitting at the piano and playing when there is no one around to hear him. It used to take me to another world. Thx for this post. Now I'll have to go home and play my piano!

Kelli said...

You are a fabulous mama as well. I was a piano lesson taking girl too! Music enriches our lives! Way to go Camden!!!

jenn said...

I love piano lessons too! Austin is starting his sixth year--I love to hear him play--he has developed a better apprecation for it now that he is older! I am not musically inclined whatsoever, so I think it is great when kids learn an instrument! I am sure Camden plays beautifully!

Tina said...

So unbelievably cool! xoxox

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad he has stuck with this and seems to really enjoy it. You have a great teacher there!!!

Naples Piano Studio said...

Here are just a few of the many reasons to thank YOU...

For believing that learning an instrument is important to the development of your child - even when it's not convenient.

For having a wonderful son - you are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing!

For making Kooka-burro famous! Now that he's famous on the internet, he has more of an attitude than you can see here:

Thanks for your all kind words, and for just being YOU.....I think you should be published!


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