October 19, 2009

lighthouse starts with l...

Of all the lighthouses in the world... the ones I have visited... or ever will see... this is my favorite.
Why? Because it is speaks of home.

The Scituate Light shines out over my hometown... and will always be a part of me.
Growing up, I felt... kind of special that this lighthouse was in our town. Perhaps the reason was the stories that surrounded it. The story of Abigail & Rebecca saving the town... my Gramma's memories of the summer house, and my Mom's, too. My Gramma also told how my Grandpa & uncles worked on the lighthouse, making repairs. But it wasn't just the stories. It was the place. It was the summer houses in all states of repair... and the view of the harbor, with sail masts bobbing, just beyond. And there, at the point, she stood proud and tall. I have always wanted to climb the light, but have never had the chance. But just being in its shadow was enough. Navigating the huge rocks of the jetty... out to the end and back. Eating Maria's subs while enjoying the view. Exploring the narrow beach for sea glass and colorful stones.
One day... I will climb the steps and take in the view. But for now... there she sits on my ledge... reminding me of that place which once was home.

What else begins with "L"? Find out at Jen's Unglazed as we work our way through the ABC's... backwards.


Kelli said...

I love lighthouses. I also enjoyed hearing about where you are from. Sounds like a lovely place!!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Is that in Michigan?
That is a silly question, maybe, but I think I have been there-

Graceful said...

I'm from Massachusetts, too -- but the non-coastal part (Western Mass). Now a Nebraska girl.

Thanks for the lovely lighthouse pictures!

Jen said...

Happy Monday Dawn!
Lovely L word and memories from you today. Makes me think of the song...this 'little light of mine'.
Have a great week.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so sweet. I love lighthouses too...why don't we have one here? Oh, there are no ships huh.
This will always feel like home for you, as it holds all your childhood memories.
Hugs, Suz

K said...


I've always loved light houses.

Cassie said...

Your lighthouse pics are so cool. Doesn't everything just seem to take us right back to The One who is the light of the world?! God bless you dear.

Life with Kaishon said...

It is a beautiful lighthouse indeed! I love it. And I love your memories and your history with it : )

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