October 30, 2009

i screamed like a girl

My house does not always look like this. Really. Piles on my floor? Maybe. Tipped over chair? Not likely...
Unless there is a snake in my living room.
Or worse... a half a snake!
Yes. Half.
We had just finished up dinner and Laura & I were headed out the door to band practice.. and there it was... half a snake (maybe 4 inches?) just moving all around the floor. It was the back half... no head. And it was squiggling and squirming all around and that was when I screamed like a girl. A little-itty-bitty-baby girl. (But please do note... that I managed to photograph the unfolding drama from the coffee table... all while I was screaming!) And Scout (our cat) was trying to catch it, pretty darn proud of her accomplishment so far. Eek. Yuck. Get me outta here!

While I was dropping Laura off, Eric tore the house apart... looking for part 2 of the snake. I came around the back of the house, in case that snake head was lying in wait! Tote bags scattered, chair tipped... and my panda purse emptied of its contents. I sure am glad that he did not find snake-part-two in my purse... that would have retired it for certain! After not-quite-long-enough searching, Eric seemed to have given up. We went back to sitting (me with my feet up in my own lap!)After a few more minutes, Scout wandered back out into the living room. Cam noticed that she was batting around my pretty green Chico bag- and Eric went to investigate...

Yep. Stuck inside my precious Chico bag.(Suz... Queen of the Green, do you know how to get snake blood out of a Chico bag?!) Finally, Eric managed to get it outside... and away. It was pretty much dead (thank goodness!) I guess it is a glass snake... it kind of shatters if it is touched. I don't really care what kind it is... as long as it didn't invite any of its friends over to play.

Hours later, shivers were still running up and down my spine. I don't know how that snake got in... but I'm sure glad Scout found it! My hero!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I apologize...but this cracked me up. Seeing your purse all emptied out...cash even!!!
Scout is a good one to have around...unless...Scout is the one that brought in the snake????
Poor glass snake, will he have some stories to tell in 'snake heaven'!!!

I think you can wash that chico bag in the washing machine...cold water. :)

Jen said...

Eeeeks! I would have spent time at the Holiday Inn until the other half was found.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Where YOU live-I CANNOT!!!
That gives me serious shivers from here!!!
A mouse scares me silly, but a snake??!! I would need to be seriously medicated. For a very long time.

That is truly horrifying-

togetherforgood said...

Oh my word. I would have screamed like an itty bitty girl too. LOL

Kelli said...

This is definitely a story that you and your family will always remember! I HATE snakes! Spiders too!! Any creepy crawly. I would have loved to hear you scream! LOL!

dawn said...


My son read this with me...he thought it was pretty cool. I think it's terrible. Can you imagine finding that piece of snack in your bag????

Glad you survived. I'll pray for no nightmares. :)

It makes my story I posted yesterday seem tame.

Have a great weekend!

Tina said...

will you ever sleep the same again???? yuck! xoxoxox

jenn said...

Ok--that would be the end of me--or my husband--he hates snakes more than I do! We would probably leave our home for good--lol!

(I am getting caught back up on this beautiful blog--it may take me a few days--I have missed you! ;)

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

What a great story! I just love cats--you can always count on them in times like these. One of my kitties took down an opossum in my bathroom...he really just sat over it while it played dead, but that was long enough to keep it in place until animal control arrived... LOL

Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Any working theories about how the snake wound up in half in the first place?

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