October 03, 2009

rewinding the week, part 4

I loved watching Laura realize what was going on... seeing her face light up with surprise and disbelief and happiness. I loved hearing that giggle down in the back of her throat as she processed the information and waited for her brother to figure it out. But words were not necessary to feel her joy and to see her excitement.
When Camden finally realized what was going on, his eyes opened wide and his mouth constricted to a tiny "O". He went from slow confusion to shocked joy in a sliver of a second.
And then the shouting began. Maybe not shouting, but certainly a loud combination of words and laughter and explanations. All that the grown-ups had whispered about was finally on the table. The details of the when and the where... a little bit of the how... all amidst spaghetti and candlelight. And it was beautiful.
I think my kids are most excited about seeing the animals... they are such nature lovers. Camden and my Mom poured over the Africa scrapbooks with a new level of wonder, as they talked about what we might see. And me? I think I am most excited about seeing another corner of the world and the people. The stories my Mom has shared have given me a glimpse of another life, and her love for the people she has met has certainly made an impact on my own heart. I cannot wholly fathom that on the same page of the same calendar, people can live so differently. Africa is a world away from me... in so many more ways than distance. I am anxious to experience it, and I wonder if it will change me. I hope I am brave enough to embrace it all.


Wendi said...

I can't wait to "travel" there with you through your stories! SO EXCITED for you and your family! There are lifetime memories to be made there...this i know! ;)

Kat said...

"....and I wonder if it will change me?" Oh, I bet it will...in ways that you will completely embrace.

I can't wait for you to share your trip with us as only you can (=

Kelli said...

Africa...wow! Praying for God's blessing for your upcoming trip!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Man I've missed a weeks worth of excitment on your blog!! How fabulous to make this trip. My Daddy loved Africa too. That photo of your mom and the children is precious. I'm soooo excited for you and for the opportunity that the Lord is giving you. Way cool!! Blessings on Your Head, Cassie

julie said...

so when is the trip? so excited for you all! what a wonderful experience!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is going to be an amazing adventure for you all!!! I can't wait.

Jen said...

I'm sure it will still be a while before it all sinks in.
"Life changing", I'm sure.
Love the picture!

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