November 28, 2009

in preparation

As the hustle and bustle of Christmas sneaks in, I realize I should be taking advantage of this time to rest... but Advent is beginning and I want to be ready.
With my wreath.
With my candles.
With my heart.
So I have my Christmas songs playing, and my fireplace(the dvd variety!)burning. And as I haul in a few decorations from the garage, it is starting to feel festive. My nativity has made its way from the curio cabinet, where it sits all year, to its place of honor on the piano... and my book shelves are now heavy with the stories of Christmas.
At least one room looks pretty. The rest of it looks like the seasons threw up. Fall leaves and jack-o-lantern pumpkin pillows mixed in with snowmen and gingerbread men... it will all get sorted and put away... in good time. Right now? No... I am playing nurse. To the boy who got his big toe stabbed with a needle. All the way through. In one side and out the other.
But amidst the piles of festivities, I sit ready. To enjoy it all. To make the most out of December... and the joy that hides behind that hustle and bustle.


jenn said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I hope he is ok! Bless his heart and toe!

Good for you! I am glad you are getting your stuff out!

(Our decorating plans are on hold--plumbing problem--and mamma isn't happy!)

dawn said...

the seasons threw up...I LOVE that...there has been season barf in some of our rooms too. Making progress little by little.

Happy Advent!

Busy Bee Suz said...

a needle? all the way through? omg. Was that a boy scout project???
How can you and I be so alike, and then we are SO different. I won't take out any Christmas stuff until ALLLLLL the fall stuff is put away (it is now) I get the heebie jeebies when I see that my seasons have 'thrown up' all over the house.

Take care of your patient...enjoy the fire!!!

Graceful said...

Love that it looks like the season threw up -- that makes me laugh!

Thanks for your supportive comment about the newspaper column! And I will definitely have to check out the book you recommended -- thank you!

A Little Of This And That said...

That must be mighty painful for your son. It made me wince, just reading it.

You're several steps ahead of me in the decorating race.

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