November 11, 2009

a most beautiful gift

It is Wednesday, and I am almost regretting taking Monday off. Almost... but not quite... because it was too much fun mixing up cheese balls with my Mom and my kids. But the week is looking long. Any other week I would be rejoicing that tomorrow is Thursday... but now I am just hoping for the energy to get through a few more days.
It is Wednesday. And Wednesday is piano day. I love it dearly... but in the getting there I start to droop. Leave work. Drive half-way home. Pick up Camden in the Super Target parking lot, where either Eric or Gran meets up with me. Drive back within two miles of work. Enjoy Camden's 30 minute lesson. Drive home. Make dinner... fall in a heap on the couch and cringe at the view. But all the while, I know there is only one more work day and I can make amends for the housework that has been left to itself and multiplied in my absence. But not this week. Monday off... work Friday. To prepare for our big fundraising event on Saturday.
After work today... as I was heading down five flights of stairs, my phone rang. Eric. Please don't tell me you have already left for Target. But I push aside the thought and answer with, I'm sure, a less than pleasant hello. His voice, twenty miles away, had a big idea. How about I drive into town with Cam so you don't have to drive all the way out here? I almost cried. But instead I breathed a thank you... and smiled. Honestly... the gift he gave me in that moment was more beautiful than if he had presented me with a dozen roses. And in his thoughtfullness, I am blessed with that extra bit of energy I need to get through the week.


Kay said...

Aw, that is so sweet. Now that I'm older I know of A LOT of things that seem better than a dozen roses! :)

Kelli said...

I love how God orchestrates those blessings, don't you? Hope you survive tomorrow!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So is those little gestures that make a big impact on our day. Eric is a good one..I say you keep him around for a bit longer. :)

jenn said...

looks like you got a nice gift too this week! I hope the next few days are super wonderful for you! hugs! (did you get my email?)

dawn said...

We are having similar weeks!Wednesday is piano day here too. I have to leave work early to drive 20 minutes to pick up my son from his school in time to get back in time...20 minutes home...pick up my daughter...wait through the lesson...head home and supposedly jump into making dinner...we are only home an hour before she needs to head out to youth group...yikes!

Today, my little guy stayed at school with his dad and I didn't need to go get him...aaah. I got to stay at work a little longer, which helps since I took Tuesday off. I need to work Friday too (no friday off this week). Hmmm. It's like we have the same name or something! :0)

K said...

What a thoughtful thing.

Some days it's the "little" things that get you though.

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