June 20, 2010

daddies teach love

There are lots of things that daddies teach. How to run and jump. How to build and race. They teach their daughters and sons to ride a two-wheeler, how to skip stones across the water, mow the grass... the list goes on and on. A daddy's job is important... but of all the oddities and practicalities a daddy can pass on, the most important gift they share is how to live and love.
The Daddy that lives under this roof... has shown our children, in a million ways, that his love is for them forever. It is in the little things... like taking time to show them how to fry an egg, teaching them how to paddle a kayak, fostering their love of books, and just spending time with them... even if it simply watching their favorite show.
It is also in the big things... giving time to band and scouts- the things they love, serving his country and community with pride and courage, and loving Jesus. But most of all, it is in the way he loves me. He has given our daughter a picture of what a husband should be... and he has given our son the tools he needs, the footsteps to follow. He has shown them an incredible lesson in love... one that seems rare, yet more and more important in this great wide world. They might not realize it today or tomorrow... perhaps not for years. But this gift... it is stored in their hearts and I hope it leads them to accept nothing less than forever love.

When this man found me, and made me his wife... I knew. I knew that he had this gift to give, but I sure didn't know how much joy it would bring to my heart as I watch it all unfold.


Anonymous said...

This is sweet. I saw the way my dad treated my mom, and it really did a lot to frame my expectations for a husband. I'm so thankful my dad was such a great husband-- and so incredibly grateful for my husband, who is a great example of love for our kids.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is beautiful and true. He is teaching them the most important skills that they will ever need in life.
xoxox Suz

Corinne Cunningham said...

This was so sweet, so many wonderful tid bits and insights to what makes a man an incredible father :)
(and love that I can see a bit of you in the mirror behind them!!)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post.

jenn said...

beautiful words, beautiful pictures = one beautiful family!

paige said...

so beautiful!
so wonderful that he blesses your heart with his giving spirit

Cassie said...

Love you & your wonderful family. I should visit you more often, cuz you either bring me to tears or put a smile on my face!
Blessings, C.

Richella Parham said...

I almost missed this post. Boy, am I glad that I found it.

What a WONDERFUL tribute! I know Eric is proud that you're his wife, the mother of his children. The two of you were made for one another, it seems. Gold for gold.

Your children are blessed indeed.

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