June 29, 2010

two turtledoves

I can hear the whisper of pages unfolding a story, the last bits of rain dripping from the roof. The hum of the computer competes with Scout's purr, and the little bit of music escaping her room. But right here, in the midst of me, all is still and quiet... except for the words spinning in my heart. The house is certainly only half full without them. And quiet. But the quiet refreshes and sustains... and gives a bit of breath to my soul. In. Out.

Four days of just us has been... sweet and fun and joy filled. A reminder of how close our hearts are, even when our minds are miles apart. We paint. We cook. We share stories of horses and kids and games. And we play rousing hands of James Bond that ultimately end with us collapsing in giggles, that are anything but quiet. Perhaps time with just the girls is not so overrated...

These days are... a gift.  Not twelve days, like Christmas... but eight.  And we've only spent half of them.


Anonymous said...

What a gift. Eight whole days-- wow. That's such a huge amount of time. :) God is so good, to give us these men who are our hearts and souls. :)

Richella Parham said...

I just love the title of this post. And I love to think about the fun you're having with your girl. Laura is one lucky chick. Or turtledove.

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

Even though I don't have a daughter, this post makes me smile looking forward to the one-on-one stretches of time I may have with my boys as they get older.

I love that you've been playing video games. ;)

imoomie said...

What fun, I just want to crash your party!

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