September 30, 2011


I love handwriting.  I love finding a hand-addressed envelope in my mailox (rare!) and guessing who sent it.  I can pick out Amy's writing in a heartbeat.  My Mom's familiar loops are recognized instantly.  Oh, and my Gramma's beautiful script... I always wanted to write like her. 
This summer, I recall a hand addressed envelope that made me laugh... addressed to me!  I studied the print and made a guess that it might be Kim... but a glance at the postmark told me otherwise.  My second round of scrutiny brought no answer, and I slid my finger under the corner of the flap in defeat.  And then there was laughter.  The handwriter?  Me.  I had forgotten that I had packed the card and envelope in Cam's backpack for camp... making him promise to send me one letter! 
My scrapbooks are full of my handwritten stories and captions... because I know how much I treasure the swirls and loops and individulaity created by the ones I love.  And how much more will I treasure those handwritten treasures when my loved ones are gone?  My handwriting is a part of me... and though I can't seem to recognize it in the mail, I think that others just might.   And so... while a typed paragraph may be neat and tidy, I truly believe the one written by your own hand is more beautiful.  Even if you don't like your writing. 
It seems like it was forever ago that I began the dinging room table project... and perhaps it is not-quite completed- but it is the most complete it might ever get!  I do love it...

And I love it more that in a moment of brilliance I flipped up some of the postcards and preserved some of those treasured loops and swirls.


Loui♥ said...

I too LOVE the art of handwriting!
To me, It is an extension of who I am..and yes, my writing can be reflect my moods in a heartbeat..
Along with reading,my mom also taught me to write.. not print.. long before I ever thought about starting school.
Once started, I (stubborn little cuss), refused to print!! and to this day, I really cannot PRINT decently.. but Mom did teach me the swirly curvy script..
sadly, schools are declining to teach handwriting/penmanship any longer stating it is easier for the kids to use the computer for their papers and assignments..I think it is just being lazy on the teacher's everything emailed to them for grading..My thought is YOUR signature is VERY important and yours alone! There are times where a signature is needed and required.
we do not need to revert back to marking an X!
okay.. return to the regularly scheduled programming..
I'm off the soap box now!
I think your idea is BRILLIANT!!!
warmest hugs..

Richella Parham said...

I love handwriting, too! I'm sometimes amazed at how much mine has changed over the years and yet how much it's stayed the same. Mostly it's gotten sloppier. :)

Did you write about the dining room table project? If so, where?? I must have missed that post!

Gabe said...

what a great idea for your table. . .and yes the personal handwriting makes it much more special!

I loved seeing your handwriting! Thanks for the note!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I love sending and receiving handwritten notes. Love your project. Amazing!

Corinne Cunningham said...

I love your handwriting :)
That table idea... just awesome.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Handwriting is such a personal thing for us. I love re-reading letters/cards from my family members...especially if they are not with us anymore.
(sometimes I catch myself reading my Dad's old check book register!)
Your table is a masterpiece...a treasure for you and your family.

ps. I hardly recognize my writing sometimes...I swear I write like a bi-polar person!!!

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