January 29, 2013

her day{s}

Her birthday comes quickly... but this year I was ready. 
Gifts chosen, plans made... only waiting on her.  Nineteen?  My breath catches at the thought. Still.

There has been a lot of growing in these last twelve months.  Many tough moments, but the oh-so-many bright-moment try to outshine them, as they always do.  And it is in the tough where lessons are learned... as long as you can muster up the courage.

She was celebrated twice... quietly over Chinese food and frozen yogurt, and then, finally, with candles and cake. Her favorite. Red velvet and white checkerboard.  When she said red velvet, I waited... and then I laughed because I knew what she was going add even before she looked at me from under her long lashes and asked checkerboard?  I cannot resist her when she is smiling real and true.

Just a few more months and she should be on her way... to her real life, to her dream. I hope and I pray and make that wish when she blows out her candles in one whooshing breath.

Happy birthday, my angel...



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. 19 was a big year for me, although I didn't know it at the time-- it's when I met my future husband! :)

My mom used to make me checkerboard cakes, too. So much fun.

Southern Gal said...

Happy Birthday, Laura! The bracelet quote is beautiful as is she.

You need to show us the checkerboard after all that work!

Corinne Cunningham said...

Happy Birthday to Laura :)
I love the patience and commitment you show to your children, it's inspiring. That bracelet is lovely!

Gabe said...

Oh, sixteen is right around the corner for us....it can't be, it seems so old! Nineteen and off on her own? Oh, can't say I am ready for that either. Why can't they just stay little forever?!?

Anne @ anne b. good said...

Happy Birthday Laura! I love that quote by e.e.cummings. I love checkerboard cakes too. My grandma used to make them for us, and I've made them for my kids, but not often enough. Such a sweet memory. xo, ab

Jen said...

Mine just turned 20. It's takes some getting used to...but the freedom is sweet. They will always be our babies, but now we get to be selfish and do stuff just because we want to.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this! She is deserving of a special day (or two) and of course....a cake made to order? Perfect.
I LOVE that bracelet with the quote? Whose is it???

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