January 08, 2013

pre-birthday fun

I woke him up too early on a vacation day... and told him a tall tale about a farmer's market and a new breakfast place. We totally faked him out.  It wasn't long before he realized we were up to something... but it was quite a while before he knew.  And once he did?
Oh, that face!
It was worth the faking and worth the drive.

In the first ten minutes,we realized that any fear we had about LegoLand being too young for him was foolish... because we were already enjoying it as much as he was!  It took more than two hours to move beyond MiniLand, seeking Santas among the elaborate cityscapes. Between two cameras and three camera phones, we may have documented every brick...
We exclaimed over and over... and laughed at every turn.  We walked many miles... and when the sun began to sink, we stretched out our legs and settled in for fireworks.  The perfect end to a star-struck day! 


He is my Lego boy, through and through... and I think he will be forever and ever...


Southern Gal said...


Pam said...

Love it! We love legos and have often talked about going to LegoLand but then wonder if we're all too old. I think NOT! : )

Richella Parham said...

Yes, ma'am!! Never too old for LEGO! Glad Cam liked it. Jack has to be in Lake Wales this spring for a meeting, so I think Lee and I will tag along and go again. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, the fact that you lied and tricked him for a while, is just awesome in my book! LOL
I'm so glad he is not too old for these type of fun surprises too; he is all sorts of awesome. As are his parents.

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