January 25, 2013

friday letters...3

Here is to Friday and being back on schedule!

Dear Blog,
I have missed you... my creative juices have been stilled these past couple of weeks... so much going on. Slow starts to my mornings and afternoons that have begged for power naps... I'm hoping that this week will be filled with things to share.

Dear Friday,
Oh my! I am finally back on schedule. Our office move was exciting and exhausting, and working two five day weeks in a row was too much. But today is ours... and I am looking forward to nothing much!  Although... we might have to tackle the Christmas tree...

Dear Christmas Tree,
There you are, still, tucked in the corner. Still beautiful... still giving me joy. With a full week plus until the Super Bowl, we still have time, but I'm kind of thinking, this is it. This weekend. {I know I said that last weekend, too... but this time I mean it?}

Dear Birthday Girl,
Have you been looking for your birthday post? I have it in my heart, words to be typed. {please see letter one & two for excuses!}  I did love our celebrations!  Keep your eyes out next week!

Dear Mom,
It was amazing to see you in action at the zoo!  I was not surprised that you took it all in stride, the juggling of giraffes, guests and lettuce leaves, only in awe!  I could have watched all day.  I loved feeding the giraffes... but Camden & I both agreed, the best part was the double-take when you turned to us.  Such fun! I am so thankful that you have found this place at the zoo!

Dear Gingerbread,
I know that once you are baked into beautiful cookies, you only get better with time. But... what about in dough form? My thoughts for you have drifted from Christmas cookie boys & girls to sweet and spicy cookie hearts, but I need to check with Mom to see if this can still happen. Until then, keep chillin' in the fridge!

Dear Dunkin' Donuts,
How could you?! I was sure I was buying oatmeal... and then there they were... beautiful heart-shaped donuts! I maybe could have resisted the hearts, but brownie batter?  Not a chance... 
{note to self- do not use the rest of your DD gift card until after Valentine's Day!}

Dear Africa Bracelet,
Oh ring-of-beads-round-my-wrist... has it been two and half years? You are such a fixture in my life, and a connection. My left hand reaches for you when thoughts are spinning, and as I move each bead along the wire, I feel the connection to a far-away place I love. The gap of beads seems to be stretching longer, the twisted connection shorter. And I purposely avoid sweaters likely to snag on that loosening connection. I dread the day the wire no longer holds fast... but I am preparing my heart, and I know that just because you won't always ring 'round my wrist, you will always ring 'round my heart.



Southern Gal said...

Love it. All of it.

Love that your tree is still up.

Your mom is at the zoo now? Fun!

Thanks for the heads up. I will avoid doughnut shops until after Valentine's. There aren't any close so it shouldn't be too much of a problem...unless Rebekah is with me. She's a Valentine girl with a birthday the day after, so we celebrate the whole month of February with treats and special things. Hear me groaning?

Now you have to post next week, too. OK?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your Friday letters....and I'm so thrilled you finally have a DAY for you. Enjoy it!
I don't know what to say about that Christmas tree though....I know you love it, but really? Should I come over on Sunday to make sure it is safely tucked away???
Dunkin Donuts is not a safe place. NOT at all. :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Hi, Dawn! You have such an inspiring and pretty blog here and others think so too! You were linked up as a blog to share at the 'small world blog hop' on my blog today! :)

I have to admit my tree is still giving me joy too, but I was thinking time is just about up. :)

Denise said...

i like this idea of friday letters.

my tree stopped giving me joy right before christmas. glad you were able to enjoy yours for so long.

Cassie said...

2 1/2 years since your Africa trip?? Wow how time flies.

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