June 26, 2013

processing the magic...

We are in the midst of a vacation marathon... just home from Disney World. 
Laura is back at school, and Camden is at Boy Scout camp... and on Monday we'll head for San Antonio with Camden and three other youth from our church.  It is a lot of fun being packed into three weeks, with none of the timing being our own.  My sweet friend Christine told me she wanted to hear all about the trip... more than me just wanting to live at Animal Kingdom Lodge... and I promise you, I am trying to find the words within me.  I don't want to lose the magic that danced all around this week.   

Yes, there was magic... the abracadabra brand, the pixie dust variety, and the kind that can only be made when love surrounds you.  We created our own out of pure necessity and scouted out or happened into more that I could imagine.  It was a beautiful time.    

The necessity part?  In our scrambling to get ready for three trips, I realized that Camden would need a haircut before Texas... and it was too late to really do anything about it before we left.  And then I remembered that Disney World has a Barber Shop...

He skipped the pixie dust... but for a Mom on a mission to check off haircut on the to-do list, making the haircut part of the fun was magic.  Truly.



Mindy said...

How convenient - even a barbershop!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I never knew that was a REAL barbershop!!! How cool.
So, did you look into lifetime accommodations at Animal Kingdom Lodge? Surely they have something for you.

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