June 28, 2013

friday letters {the disney version}


Dear Disney World,
I love everything about you... and I miss you. Desperately. 

Dear Mickey Mouse,
Are you the one who makes all of the magic?  There was more than we could have imagined... beginning with the upgrade to Animal Kingdom Lodge!  And being chosen to test out the new Magic+ bands?  We were honored to be a help to you!  Wearing them made us feel like rock stars.  We hope that our feedback was a help to you... and if you ever want us to test anything again we are ready!!!

Dear Scoop,
Your pin trading lanyards were amazing... and you made Laura's day!  A Marie pin and a Duchess pin?!  Perfection.

Dear Main Street,
Thank you for all of the fun!  We took time to ride the trolley with the Dapper Dans and stopped to clap along with the Marching Band!  When I rush to get it all done I miss out on these extras that make Disney World so extra-special!  I was thankful that I could get myself to slow down and enjoy, instead of rushing on to the next thing!

Dear Animal Kingdom Lodge,
I am still processing all of my feelings about being there... I asked Eric if we could stay forever, but he said no {which he hardly ever says!} but I hope that someday we'll be back!  Someday...


Southern Gal said...

The more I hear about this trip, the more magical it seems. I'm glad you were able to slow down and enjoy it. That's how I pictured it for you.

Laura is racking up with the Marie stuff, yes?

Pam said...

Oh wow!!!! Disney is such a magical place. I am always longing to return! So happy to see your post..and your pics! Sounds like you had an amazing time! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm so happy that you had the time to take it all in and not rush. Pins? That is a LOT of pins!!!!! I need to know more about these arm bands!!!!

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