August 20, 2013

what i've been missing...

Before heading home from our anniversary trip, we drove two hours north... to get our girl.  It was a long ride there and home, but oh it was worth the miles and the exhaustion!  To feel her arms around me and have her hang on just-a-little... I think we both needed that.  She told us she was really missing the cat... but what I think she wouldn't admit was... she was really missing her brother.  And me?  Most of all?  I think I have been missing them together

Saturday morning, I heard their chatter spilling out from across the house.  From her room, then his, and back to hers.  Words tumbling over each other, laughter, and occasionally a squeal.  I have counted my blessings again and again that they share this friendship... and once, twice again, over the weekend.  I think I knew that they would miss each other, but what I didn't realize was how much I would miss their togetherness...

These blessings spun around my heart all day yesterday, but I write them, to seal them in, on a Tuesday...

-a wonderful anniversary celebration
-the excitement i read in her text as we were on our way
-just wrapping our arms around each other
-seeing her be wrapped in her daddy's arms
-her happy conversations on the way home
-the marching pride preview
-her joy at seeing her brother marching with a bass drum
-his smile from the field when he spotted his sister
-passing notes in church (me, too Kerry! me, too!)
-celebrating 61 with a beach picnic and bright safari cupcakes
-listening to her "talk zoo" with her gramma
-cousins digging for coquinas
-safe travel, to and from, and back again
-his successful first day of junior year


Southern Gal said...

You never realize until they have moved out just how much they are a part of you. Yes, on the sibling love and laughter. It's one of the things I love most about having Jacob come home and Rebekah come over. Their interaction is music to my heart. Passing notes in church? Ha!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Isn't it amazing how things change with a little distance? I'm so happy all four of you had a nice visit together....pure love!
Passing notes in church? You are very naughty!

Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary! You write so wonderfully about your children and how special they are close - it's a gift to them and to you. I have to admit to passing a note or two on the back of a church bulletin a time or two or five or twelve... : )

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