August 26, 2013

when all you can do is cheer and trust...

The weekend was a craze of joy, laughter, uncertainty and tears that flowed for all kinds of reasons.   Laughter, expectant joy, what you thought and what isn't, and feeling a pain that isn't yours {yet you'd carry it if you could.}  But this heart, with some urging from above, knows that to focus on the joy is best, and leave the rest to God.  I trust that He has it all under control, and thank Him now, even before the dust settles.
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And so, the joy...
Friday afternoon we watched as the rain came down and wondered if the night would clear.  Eyes kept watch on the sky and radar... and we headed a few miles north with umbrellas and raincoats.  We arrived to clear skies and less heat, and settled in to watch the first football game of the season... you know, for half-time.  This is our sixth year of cheering on the marching band, and I never thought I'd think it, but sometimes I don't get as excited as I used to.  But entering the stadium and seeing our band in the stands, dressed in their finest green and black, I fell in love all over again.  And from my seat, I caught a glimpse of that boy I love, his head peeking up over his bass drum.  And then again, I found myself tumbling into love all over again. 

Thankfulness abounds...
-being able to find my son on the field, carrying that #3 bass drum
-cheering for the marching pride
-a quiet Saturday morning with time to plan
-kids off to a movie on their own and dinner out for the grown-ups
-playing cards, winning a few hands
-sweet compliments about my children
-songs and stories wrapping a thousand words of prayer around my heart
-the card he chose for her
-attending a baby shower for a young lady who was in our first youth group
-catching up with a family I haven't seen in so long
-catching up with a friend I hardly ever have the chance to chat with
-a quick phone call and plans to meet
-knowing that she makes it to church
-trusting that God has a plan and knowing that He can bring beauty to every situation


Southern Gal said...

Focusing on the joy in the midst of the heartache is what I feel He would want us to do. You do it well.

And that boy with the drum? Yay!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Yes, He can bring "beauty to every situation." It isn't always easy to find it, but we will if we seek for it.

How wonderful to have a son in the marching band.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm SO happy about the JOY and thankfulness part.
The uncertainty makes me worried.....
I'm glad you had a good weekend. I miss you.
Perhaps this Friday????

Pam said...

I'm glad you found him in the midst. Love that you can fall in love with watching after all these years. Love that he can bring beauty to every situation, because I've known it. It's not 'just a saying'. It's Life. Hugs! : )

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