August 12, 2013

when monday finds you smiling...

Once in a great while, I feel like I am super-woman, invincible... and I am amazed at the way it energizes me.  Pantry cleaned out, dinner cooking, tomorrow's dinner set to go in the crockpot, egg muffins in the oven for the week's breakfast, and laundry taking a last tumble around in the dryer.  Oh! And my dining room table is looking ship-shape {that is a biggie!}  When I have all of these things in place, it makes me want to do more... like straighten the pillows on the couch before bed.  I wonder if anyone can keep this pace without burning out.  I might make it through the week like this... but only because it is a two-day work week and Eric & I are heading out of town for our anniversary Wednesday...

Even if I can't keep it up {ha, ha!  I know I can't!}...there is still much, so much, to be thankful for!

-rainbows galore on a ride to town
-a heart shaped, potato chip love note
-clean pantries and some donated food
-so much water!
-hearing my in-laws stories from their Alaska anniversary trip
-camden drumming
-...and the breeze that was unbelievable on an August evening!
-a successful recap of the youth gathering at church
-my two guys, watching the redskins
-a little help from a friend
-21 years
-getting excited for disney {again!}
-five shooting stars...


Southern Gal said...

I love, love, love this list. It makes my heart happy.

And can you send a little of that energy and motivation my way, please? Thank you. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

The feeling of being invincible is awesome...I DO hope it stays with you longer than you anticipate.
{See, being organized isn't a disease}
I'm hoping that you and Eric have a fantastic anniversary trip!

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