August 28, 2014

when i don't take the time...

If you asked me how I am, I'd probably say... busy. My head feels busy. But I think I am just trying to keep up with too many schedules that aren't mine. The daughter who is working and volunteering at the zoo, and the son with the heavy school-work load, plus marching band and finishing up his Eagle Scout work. None of these mean I can't do what I want or need to do, but the beginning and end times are circling my brain, quickening my heart... and creating this buzzing feeling of busy. Maybe instead of busy, I am tired, and longing for the easier days of summer.

But summer has passed, and I must move on. I need to take time for the to-list that exists for me, and let my capable kids take on their own. I need to feel the Light around me, and breathe it in, instead of keeping on on my own... because that alone can strengthen my soul. I need to love, to laugh, and enjoy this season that God has laid out before me.

What really matters in life is rarely on my daily to-do list. 


Southern Gal said...

That last sentence? Yes, I admit to that, too. Be encouraged - He is strong when we are weak. Hugs.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yep. You know what you NEED to do {Dawn} so why don't you do it???

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

It's so easy to become encumbered with the "busyness" of life, especially when our kids (grown or otherwise) come into play. I think most mothers relate.

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