April 07, 2015

taking time...

Even if something is left undone,
everyone must take time to sit still, and watch the leaves turn.
~ Elizabeth Bury Lawrence
This seems to be my theme, even though it is hardly ever leaves. 
I just know that sometimes you have to walk away from even the must-do list to refresh your soul. It is one of the reasons I love to camp... I can just sit and enjoy the beautiful earth, and leave the rest of the world and my worries at home. 

Last night, as I was pushing my shopping cart over towards the cucumbers, I was almost cut off by a maybe-4th-grade-boy pushing his mom's cart. I stopped short and smiled, not the least bit upset. That mom looked at me apologetically, and then counted on her hand and said how many more years? in a way that made me want to cry. I wasn't brave enough to tell her that each moment is precious...

It has been so difficult watching my son as he agonizes over this college decision. Last night he spoke to Karl, an admission counselor for a school he had knocked off his list. Camden hung up the phone, dragged himself to the couch, and buried his head.  And?  He is back to a big three. I don't think this is bad... and I am even kind of over Iowa. He suggested that we play a video game, and while I have no idea how to play {or even the desire!} I knew he needed me to say YES! And so, I did. 

I may not be watching the leaves turn, but I am sitting still in the midst of this beautiful mess. Close enough in case he needs me, but wanting him to stretch those wings he has made strong, and make his right choice, wherever that may be. 


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Mindy said...

"close enough in case he needs me but wanting him to stretch those wings..." Precious. Time marches to a beat that is way to fast for me sometimes.

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