July 15, 2015

my favorite graduation advice...

My camera {or my phone} are never far from my hand. I hate to miss capturing a moment I want to remember forever. Of course, this is probably the reason my children have an instant personality change when I pull it out to take their picture.  It is hard to get a great smile or to get them to pose for very long... especially on the way out the door.  I had to press upon them how important it was to me to have some nice cap & gown pictures, and then we scheduled the photo shoot for the day before graduation {because they get their cap & gown after graduation practice!}  No pressure, just fun. And when the crazy of graduation day arrives, I know that I have a bunch of great photos and the pressure if off.

p.s... here are Laura's! 



Southern Gal said...

Great cap and gown photos and advice. Yes, yes, and yes.
Your kids do that, too, when you pull out the camera? And I thought it was just my whole family. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great captures of your Camden. And good advice too. I forgot how cute Laura's pics were with the balloons!!!

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