January 14, 2017

there goes my baby...

Another airport goodbye today... and as I keep my eyes glued to his back as he navigates the security line, I pray for him. Baby? Not anymore. Not even close. He celebrated 20 a couple of weeks ago. {Yes, please say it - How is that possible, where has the time gone?!}

It occurs to me that this is just another in a long line of from now on. There will be beautiful reunions filled with as many memories as we can fit in, but the reality of it is, there is always going to be a goodbye on the other end. I raised him up for this, and I knew I would miss him fiercely when he went... but the inevitable just might break me every time. I get by with letting a few stray tears slip down my face, a deep breath, and a thank you to God for holding him close.
p.s.... A thank you to the nice TSA gentleman who told Cam he should give me one more hug. Terence, that was a gift.

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Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Goodbyes are always hard but often lead to beautiful new hellos. Where is your "baby" off to?

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