June 18, 2018

a friendship that lasts...

It could have been any Saturday of the 80s: Maria's subs, a walk along the jetty at the lighthouse, searching for seaglass, ice cream at Wilbur's, and the laughter that always happens between friends. But... it was just last weekend. More than thirty years later, we manage to tuck a quick conversation into the few calm moments in the frenzy of life... advice, something funny, sharing a memory. And if a visit is possible, we love to make it happen.
I've known Kim since 7th grade... and even though we weren't friends at first {she took my fear of middle school and life as snobbishness!}, by 8th grade I was giggling at her sleep-over party. We spent summers scooping ice cream, we wore the same color dress to the Junior Prom, and being December girls, we lamented about being the last to get our driver's license.
a couple of over exposed photos from 1988

Her hospitality and her family in the mix of ours only made the weekend better. {And it was a bonus that we had our own photographer for a family group shot or two, and tons of touring tips... right down to finding gluten-free cannoli!} I'm ever thankful for friends who hang around forever... the ones who choose to really know you. My life would be less without her.
april 2016, lot #3
We love the beach.
We love our people fiercely.
We never say no to ice cream... and we eat our ice cream fast.
And every time one of us drops an egg on the kitchen floor, we think of each other.


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Southern Gal said...

What a sweet friendship!

Now every time I drop an egg on the kitchen floor I will think of you two. ;)
It happens quite frequently.

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