June 06, 2018

life lately... since february

Life goes on, even if you aren't blogging...and it seems that lately, all I'm ever doing is playing catch up! Here are a few slices of our spring, in which I started feeling GREAT {hooray!}
1. I love when I can talk him into a beach night!

2. One day of sewing, and my living room is finally living in the 21st century!
I love the new curtains, and it is a shame I waited so long to make them...

3. Our spring camping trip... was rainy and wonderful. It's always good to be outside. 

4. I chaperoned the Junior Deputy Fair Day with Eric again...
it was actually a beautiful day and it is fun to see how the kids connect
with their school resource officers! 

5. It is always a fun day at the zoo. This year Easter egg
decorating took on a whole new definition!
Giant paper mache eggs for the animals.

6. Camden is actually home for the summer!
He finished his junior year and he is spending the summer working.
It's fun to have him around again.

7. Memorial Day flags on Boston Common.

8. Shingles arrived over the weekend - finally getting a new roof, thanks to Hurricane Irma. 

9. How about a little hockey? In June??
Our ECHL team is one win away form the Kelly Cup!
Go Blades!



Busy Bee Suz said...

Lots of good stuff....especially your good health!
I love your new curtains so much; as well as your super duper cool bar setup. :)
I hope you're have a great summer with Camden home.

Southern Gal said...

Yay for feeling better! Cam will be a senior? How did that happen?
Lovely memories.

Southern Gal said...

P. S. Those curtains are fabulous!

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