June 21, 2018

life lately... a day late

I try to post life on Wednesday, but last week it never happened, and this week I'm a day late! What is really going on is that I'm trying to write about my Mom's birthday trip, but I am in processing stages and can't quite find the words. I'll get there! 

1. Packing for Africa... I spend a little time each day fussing with one thing
 or another, just for fun. These stuffed elephants will go to an orphanage
we are visiting! I made 46.

2. We had our staff photo taken last week...
then I quickly changed and went to the zoo to volunteer.

3. This giraffe made of boxes & tubes is taller than me!
It was a challenge to paint, but fun! And it's going to the lions...

4. When the poinciana trees bloom, it encourages me to look up!

5. A little conversation with a friend at work had me craving a peanut buster parfait
from DQ... so when Eric suggest we go I said YES!

6. It was my sister's birthday Saturday, and I figured she needed a tiara for dinner.
Why not?! Happy #44 Tina! I love you!

7. Laura is settled in New Orleans and seems pretty happy. When you can hear a smile
in their voice over the phone, a mama can exhale! She is serving there at Camp Restore with
this young lady (I think her name is Bekah.)

8. Game night. Food truck night. Trying a new cider night. 

9. Sunday Cam and I had a little Mother's Day moment on Father's Day. 


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Southern Gal said...

Those elephants are adorable! 46? You did good, friend.

Happy belated birthday to your sister!

Laura looks happy and that does a mama's heart good, doesn't it? (Love her friend's name. ;))

Any moment with our children is Mother's Day, right?

It's good to read about your week!

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