February 17, 2009

celebrating silver

Sometimes in church, our pastor announces a wedding anniversary... and most of the time people clap... especially if it is a big number. Because as much as we want to believe that marriage is forever... sometimes it just isn't. Even if you believe with all of your heart... that your commitment is real and everlasting... the other person might not. Life happens... hearts are broken... people give up... and it seems that fewer and fewer people are reaching these milestones. Today I am so thankful for twenty-five years. So thankful that my eyes are tearing up... and my heart is on fire.
Long ago, my Mom's heart was broken... and of course, along with her heart was my heart... and my sister's heart. Little girls want to believe in the fairy tale... the happily ever after... but I have come to learn that not all fairy tales begin and end the same way. Sometimes the Prince has to come along in the midst of crisis... and become part of the healing. And twenty-five years ago, my Mom's fairy tale began anew...

I know... that my life would not be as rich and full as it is... if not for Bob. Because I am still that little girl who wants to believe in the fairy tale... who does believe it. Because of Bob... and his love and laughter... our family could see what love looks like... what a great marriage looks like... what two people in love look like. Little girls need Fathers... we need Fathers who love us and support us... we need Fathers that love our Mom... and we need Fathers who stay. This marriage is full of fun, adventure... and love. Together they have built a successful business... and retired with their health. Together they have travelled to places they never thought to dream about. Together they have danced a thousand steps... and will dance a thousand more.
Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people. You have given me so much... life... love... and the tools to share it. And you have given me hope... the hope to dream in fairy tales.


Busy Bee Suz said...

This is just the best. I am so happy for them and YOU. They are wonderful role models for everyone!!
Happy 25!

Cassie said...

Okay, now I am all teared up too. (really) Happy, happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!Thank you for letting us share in your happiness. (My Patrick became Jessica's daddy after we married and they have an incredible bond too.Praise God for His healing, restorative powers!)

Jen said...

There is a mate for everyone I believe.
I'm so happy they found eachother. It seem pretty evident that they have been good for and to you. :) Happy Anniversary to them!

carie said...

my favorite of all of your posts!!!! truly!

Rosemarie said...

I love it. What a great post. My mom and us went through a similar thing, but we never found our Bob.
He sounds like such a terrific guy!

And ... love your hair(from the G post)! I am in the process of growing out my bangs and that was the exact style I had in mind once it was all done - how funny is that!

Wendi said...

Dawn, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! After the part about "girls need fathers.." I was like, "Amen to that!!" You put everything into words so perfectly! I'm still waiting and hoping that my Mom will have her "happily ever after" someday (she has had to kiss a lot of frogs...I guess the prince-finding is harder than it looks!) I'm so happy to have found mine, and I hope that it will be an example for Emmarie. What a beautiful love story in just a few little paragraphs!

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