February 06, 2009

for me?

Thank you, Suzanne! How very fun it was to buzz on over to Day by Day and see that my funniest friend had awarded me this very sweet award! Ahhh... my very first. Where should I put it? For today, I suppose it will hang out here... and I can think about it some more!
So... I suppose I am to pass this award on...

Wendi... You make me laugh, laugh, laugh with every story about that darling daughter of yours. What an imagination she has- I loved that she played in the "snow" inside. She is quite a "Sweetie" even if she is just a tiny bit mischievous!!
Rosemarie... I have enjoyed discovering your little world of twins! How I love those two smiling snowmen you posted! And today is your birthday? Sweet!
MaryLou... You really made my day when I saw that I had a second "follower!" I have enjoyed popping over to find out more about those Smiling Eyes!! And I wore my Red Keds yesterday in honor of your post (and because my feet were cold!)

Have fun sharing!


Busy Bee Suz said...

you are too funny and way too sweet. how can I have dessert hanging around and NOT think of you?????
(susan) :)

Rosemarie said...

... and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Rosemarie said...

Ohmigosh - thank you! The best birthday present! I am so glad we found each other, too - every time I read a post I find myself nodding in agreement. :)

I will pass it on with smiles!!!

Mary Lou said...

I think I am going to get my red keds this weekend.
ANd I will wear them as I walk on my treadmill and in Florida, in three weeks when I am vacationing with my Mom. THanks for the award, I needed it, it has been a tough week at our photography business:)

Wendi said...

What?!?! An Award?!?! For Lil' Ol' Me? Well, first, I would like to thank the academy... LOL! Thanks so much! I'm glad I finally came out of hiding and confessed to stalking your blog. Reading it all of this time really made me want to write my own...you're an inspiration! So many times when I'm reading your posts, I find myself nodding my head in agreement. I'm glad we are "blog buddies!"

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