February 22, 2009

with a splash

Almost as soon as we walked into Seaworld, I could tell... that this would be their favorite day. Even the not-so-real walrus' out front made them smile! And Eric was awaiting his long overdue reunion with Shamu... it's been thirty years. There is just something about these animals that live beneath the sea... something that pulls us to them... something that comes alive in us when we are witness to their joy... and their interaction with their trainers.
We started out our day with dolphins... just leaning on the low wall... hands in the water just anticipating the moment when one would glide by. Just watching them play sends bubble of laughter spouting out. The dolphins had their toys... balls and plastic bottles... and everyone was just waiting to have the chance to toss out a toy to a playful dolphin. Lucky Cam... he got to throw twice! And Laura... graciously let the little boy beside her have the toy. It was difficult to pull ourselves away and move on...

Perhaps the favorite part of my day came early on... at a silly sea lion show. How my kids just laughed and laughed! I loved peeking around and seeing them... Cam was so struck with laughter that he was almost rolling on the bench beside him!

We wandered around... visited manatees, sealions and more... and enjoyed the day... enjoyed a slower pace than the prior day, and the lighter crowd. There was one place Camden could hardly stand to wait for though... the penguins. And when it as finally time, we had to hold him back from racing ahead! We spent a long time... admiring these little black and white beings. Cam's eyes were twinkling as they moved from one little guy to the next. And when one of the keepers came in, he was full of questions... so he could add more information to his repertoire.

The day was really filled with fantastic fun... and many new memories.

Of course, seeing Shamu was a highlight of the day... even though Camden didn't get to sit in the splash zone. I wanted to let him... and I thought I could just sit a row back... but when it was labeled SOAK zone, I shyed away. With the overcast day, I knew we would never dry! Next time, though... on a sunny day. The show was fantastic... but I could still see a little diappointment in his eyes... or maybe it wasn't there, but in my heart. But... nothing quite takes the sting away... unless it is a chocolate coverd Shamu ice cream bar!

(there is jut one more part of of Valentines/President's weekend to chat about!)

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Life with Kaishon said...

Kaish is dying to go there. Now that I saw the chocolate covered Shamu's maybe I am dying to go too. : ) Your trip looks like so much fun! I LOVE it.

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